Screw Press & Disc Thickener Service

For AKUPRESS screw presses operating under 24/24 conditions in paper mills or handling abrasive material in harsh waste treatment applications, a high level of maintenance is absolutely indispensable to ensure a high efficiency and long service life. This is why we support our customers by supplying original spare parts and repair services for screw shafts.

In our service centre in Düren, the screw shafts are refurbished to their original dimensions and wear protection status before being returned to our customers looking exactly as they did when they left the factory for the first time. When operation has shown specific requirements, upgrades are made to increase service life and improve long-term process results. We also repair other components such as bearing units, interchangeable screen basket systems or cone assemblies.


  • Original spare parts and repair services
  • Improvement of long-term process results
  • Reliable stock of spare parts
  • Short delivery times
  • Well-proven repair measures

For most of the screw presses, screens in original dimensions and different materials are held on stock or can be provided within short delivery times. The same applies to other spare parts frequently required.

For AKSE disc thickeners, typical spares such as disc segments and seals are readily available on stock, and we renew the wires of the disc segments using well-proven repair measures.

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