Hydraulic Headbox – TurboJetter

The hydraulic headbox TurboJetter with lamellas ensures the best quality for paper and board production. Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Finland our headboxes at highest perfection standards. The TurboJetter transforms fibers, fines, and water into beautiful formation on the wire section of any paper machine. The step diffusors were developed to provide dedicated turbulent shearing forces. A perfect deflocculation of the stock suspension as a sound basis for best sheet formation is the reliable result. Subject to the case of application, our experts adapt the headbox ideally to the range of grades.


perfect formation

Some call them lamellas. Some call them blades – our precious stainless steel lamellas, in any case, bring the required activity to create perfect formation.


  • Finest manufacturing precision
  • Long life stainless steel lamella
  • Unique macro adjustment
  • Jump apron for extra impulse
  • Edge flow solution for best fiber orientation
  • High precision injection diffusor

Best paper quality starts with fibers and the best headbox

The experience of more than 170 headboxes in the last 12 years allows top performance on any grade. The TurboJetter comes with our reliable dampening system TurboDampener. Equipped with an air cushion any pulsation is significantly reduced if even wiped out completely. But this is only the beginning. Fine details like the proven two-element-design, the unique macro adjustments make the hydraulic headbox TurboJetter outstanding. Consistency controlled edge flows, as well as basis weight profiling with our proven dilution control injection diffusor, provide top class paper quality from front to end. Rely on best cross profiles AND great sheet properties. Some call it the most complete headbox in the market.

Bellmer Hydraulic Headbox - Erich Kollmar


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