Bellmer Dosing

Turbo color-, size-, starch- and additive dosing systems

The Bellmer color-, size-, starch- and additive dosing Systems guarantee efficient preparation and dosing of color, sizing agent, starch and any additive from our TurboLine. Our experts have experience of various additive dosing systems delivered in the last 20 years. With process know how and love to the detail we provide color work stations, starch kitchens, additive dosing systems to provide you with the required end-product quality. The level of automation can range from simple remote controlled solutions to fully integrated complete color preparation or additive dosing systems. Having gained lot of experiences in toughest environment of Egyptian, Indian and Russian paper mills we made our equipment ready to handle and last even in most demanding applications. Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Czech Republic our products for any chemical dosing system at highest perfection standards.

No matter if fine paper, standard recycling of fibers or handling complex formulas to upgrade your board with adequate coating formulas, we supply energy efficient solutions. Bellmer coating kitchens, starch kitchens, sizing agent preparation, dosing systems for any additives or just work stations are custom tailored to your specific requirements. Subject to the case of application, our experts adapt our products ideally to the range of grades to be produced.

Coat and size application systems – additive dosing systems

Any surface treatment of paper and board machines rely for best performance on efficient complete solutions. Our Turbo dosing systems ensure stable process even in varying production rates. Of course these systems perfectly interact with our TurboSizers, TurboFilmSizers, blade or rod coater TurboCombiCoater or with our TurboCurtain Coater, being part of our big Bellmer product family.


  • Finest manufacturing precision
  • Long life stainless steel execution
  • Unique detail solutions
  • Self cleaning fluid speed execution
  • Energy efficient concepts

Reliable operation by customized preparation and dosing systems

For ensuring stable and optimum we use our know-how in process and coating and chose the right technology. The experience of numberous additive dosing systems, coating kitchen and starch preparation lines allows high class performance on any grade. Rely on energy efficient dosing and preparation systems for coat, starch, size or chemical additives.

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