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Our Indian specialists for Paper Technology are located in Kolkata and Kalyani. In addition to sales and services for this business area, final assembly and quality control for calenders, “Made in India”, has been established here. However, the key components are manufactured in Germany. Thanks to our state-of-the-art testing and grinding stations on site, we can offer a quick and reliable roll service to our Indian customers.

Center of competences

The Indo-German joint venture company was conceived with the expected growth of Pulp and paper Machines in India and the corresponding growing demands for modern calenders with corresponding services. For the first time it was possible to bring engineering knowledge, experience and services from Germany on tailor-made engineered calenders, deflection compensation rolls and its corresponding service to our Indian customers.

Bellmer provides economical and cost-effective solutions, with German precision and engineering support, apt for the cost sensitive market. We offer complete state-of-the-art calenders utilizing existing equipments as applicable or rebuild existing ones to a modern single hard nip or soft nip concept. Therefore, providing paper mills a technically advanced tool to directly influence smoothness, two-sidedness, bulk, gloss and profile.

Bellmer India can provide

  • Complete hard and soft nip “TurboCalender”
  • Rebuild of multi nip or any existing calenders to a modern single nip calenders
  • Technical audit & troubleshooting of existing calenders & deflection compensation rolls, for all applications
  • Regrinding, testing & other services and spares for all types of deflection compensation rolls
  • New deflection compensation rolls with hydraulic system for calenders and press sections


  • Grinding of rolls with the lowest station to station tolerances
  • Fully automatic modern CNC grinding machine with computer simulations and grinding reports for rolls of any kind
  • Our Engineers and Technicians were trained in Germany
  • German precision in grinding and service, combined with cost-efficient prices
  •  Detailed self generated report & documentations on the grinding & service and work status


  • Services of all functional & non-functional rolls
  • Testing of swimming and multi-zone functional rolls of all brands, for its function, pressure built-up, pressure loss or balancing condition
  • Facility and expertise for roll journal repairing, bearing seat & threading with spray coating
  • Hardness measurement report
  • On-site verification of each newly grounded roll by our manual roll profile measuring instrument
  • Repairing of pinholes on CCI roll surface (we are the only ones in India with this facility)
  • Technical audit of calender system & deflection compensation rolls, of any brand

Calender for smooth paper surface

Choose the best of both: local Indian manufactured calenders with key components made in Germany

Our “TurboCalender” Hard or, Soft Nip calender (1×2 or, 2×2 or, 1×3) comprises a swimming roll TurboRoll CC or EC (with special edge profile control) and water/oil heated TurboRoll VT. The “TurboCalender” improves paper surfaces by calendering on any paper grade from board & papers to specialty ones. Our calenders are custom-tailored to meet customer specific requirements.

Our single nip calenders are designed for significant smoothening or, double nip concepts for highest smoothness/gloss. The design allows to change the bottom roll without any special tools and without dismounting the top roll, saving machine down-time.

Get more information about the TurboCalender here.

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Work office:

Bellmer India Private Limited
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