Fruit and Food Screen

For the fruit juice and food industry we offer two different screen types: a vibration screen for filtration of fruit juice and a static screen for belt cleaning water. We designed our screens especially for the fruit and food industry. Here, our screen portfolio ensures a continuous and effective separation of different materials. Generally, our screen line has a long lifetime guarantee, with only few spare parts and thus only little maintenance is required. Also, the screen has a low power consumption due to a special design of few moving parts.

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  • Low operating and energy costs
  • High quality products
  • Long lifetime
  • Low space requirements

Static screen

The static screen is used for the belt cleaning water, which is used for the fruit press during the fruit juice process. Here, the belt cleaning water is evenly spread over the whole width of the screen. The liquid is first driven through the mesh of the screen plate and inside the screen plate housing. Subsequently, the solids remain on the screen plate and slide down automatically by the steep inclined position. The static screen, includes a self-supporting screen housing in high-grade stainless steel with inlet and outlet connection at the backside as well as an exchangeable screen plate with profile wires. The gap between the screen plate can be adjusted depending on the process requirements.

Bellmer Vibration Screen- BVS

The BVS is used for the filtration of juices from a pressing process, which need further microfiltration. The BVS prevents the sensitive membranes from abrasion in case of juice pre-filtration. Subsequently, further process steps, which are positioned downstream, are guaranteed. Additionally, the BVS has a self-cleaning option: cylindrical self-cleaning rings move simultaneously with the spiral vibration. This process supports the product discharge and prevents the screen netting from clogging. In general, we present a wide variety of screen nettings with different mesh widths for different purposes.

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