Screw Presses for Food Applications

Where juice is to be extracted or liquid removed from food, Bellmer Kufferath screw presses offer considerable advantages whenever the material presents a high degree of fibre structure. In such cases, they can extract much more liquid than other separators. This is achieved thanks to the great pressure they build up and the re-orientation of the material within the machine. As a result, it is possible to extract more juice, prepare the solid fraction for chemical extraction processes or convert a residue into valuable biomass fuel with maximum dry matter content. The range of applications in the food industry includes cases where sanitary design is required – for which the AKUPRESS F screw press line is the perfect solution – and cases where maximum dryness is the key factor and for which the AKUPRESS AX high-torque screw press offers the greatest benefit.

AKUPRESS F – Food Grade Screw Press

The AKUPRESS F series food-grade screw press is a model particularly designed for applications in the food industry. Of course, our machines enable the highest standards of sanitation. Accordingly, its sanitary design complies with DIN EN 1672. In addition, the screen cages are divided into sections that can easily be opened by hand for cleaning. Also, the press cone can be retracted into a position allowing for easy cleaning.

The AKUPRESS F screw press is available in three sizes. Screen configuration, screw geometry and speed will be selected according to each individual application. Particularly, it is the perfect choice for fruit and vegetable juicing, coconut milk, corn or similar products for best extraction results. In addition, the AKUPRESS F can be used as a secondary step downstream of existing plants to help maximize the juice yield.


  • Sanitary design
  • High capacity
  • Complete emptying of the press
  • Easy opening for perfect cleaning
  • Screens retain particles of small size

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AKUPRESS AX – Maximum Dryness Screw Press

The AKUPRESS AX series screw presses for food industry featuring maximum dry content can achieve an even higher level of liquid removal. Therefore, they are used in applications where sanitation takes place at a later stage of the process or where residues from the food industry are dewatered. The movable screen basket system and the automatic torque control ensure operation at a very high torque without any risk of blocking. This provides the ideal basis for a high oil yield, for combustion in a biomass boiler or as preparation for thermal drying or chemical extraction processes. Typical examples are coffee grounds, olive pomace, brewer’s grains and mud from sugar cane.

The AKUPRESS AX line is available in 6 sizes ranging from 250 to 1100 mm diameter. Of course the screen and screw design, and speed range are designed according to the individual application. With its armored screw spiral, flanged screw and divided screen baskets, the machine provides a long service life and offers easy maintenance.


  • Complete automatic emptying of the press
  • Constant torque and therefore dryness, independent of throughput
  • Automatic control system
  • Interchangeable screen basket system
  • Maximum dry contents / extraction of liquid

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