AVEA AEB GmbH & Co. KG handles bio waste generated within the local area (Leverkusen and Bergisches Land) at its Leppe digester plant near Engelskirchen. In 2003, they were the first to use an AKUPRESS screw press made by Bellmer Kufferath Machinery for dewatering the digester output from dry digestion processes and have added two more AKUPRESS AM 625 units over the years.
As part of maintaining the existing machine stock, AVEA decided to replace the unit delivered in 2003 by an AKUPRESS AMX 625 screw press. The AMX design provides easy adaptation of the machine to seasonal fluctuations in the digester output properties as the plug length, which was previously adjusted manually, is now set by hydraulic cylinders. On the one hand, it makes settings quicker, while on the other hand it saves work for the operator in the area inside the screw press, where odours are quite intense as a result of the digester output.
For Bellmer Kufferath, the project is a small anniversary, being the tenth digester plant equipped with an AKUPRESS AMX. In total, the company has already delivered more than 120 AKUPRESS AM/AMX presses.

Bellmer Akupress Screwpress AL

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