New stadium partnership and „BELLMER ARENA“ with the 09 Niefern football club

For years, Bellmer has been closely connected with the football club FV 09 Niefern through the annual „Bellmer Cup“. Now the joint partnership has been further strengthened – Bellmer is now the main sponsor of the football club.
More than 100 years of passion for football characterize the FV 09 Niefern. The special focus of the club is on their youth teams.
A total of 15 teams play here for the FV, including two girls‘ teams. The clubs two adult women‘s teams also play with great success.
Bellmer is happy to support the solid reputation and  community commitment of FV 09 Niefern. The Niefern stadium is now named „BELLMER ARENA“. This step will enable FV 09 Niefern to continue to meet the growing financial demands in the future.

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