As the market leader in belt filter technology, the thickening process with the TurboDrain belt thickener is an optimum solution. Consistently further developed under the aspect of resource saving, the TurboDrain is environmentally and customer friendly as well as cost saving. During the thickening process, the advantages of the belt thickener, such as easy cleaning and low-noise operation, become apparent. The Bellmer baffles are the key to excellent thickening results.
The advantages of the TurboDrain have also convinced the Niedernhausen and Brettachtal wastewater treatment plants. Recently, both plants have been enjoying cost-saving and reliable operation.

The Niedernhausen wastewater treatment plant in the Rheingau-Taunus district is currently designed for 18,500 population equivalents. The TurboDrain TDC 08 newly installed there thickens the excess sludge produced and replaces an aging competitor unit. The wastewater treatment plant there deliberately opted for a unit with a compact design. Thanks to the adaptable discharge area of the TurboDrain, it was possible to connect it directly to the existing discharge hopper and save costs.
Since commissioning, the TurboDrain has impressed with its good thickening results and low consumption of flocculant.
The special-purpose association of the Brettachtal group sewage treatment plant in the Heilbronn district also opted for a TurboDrain Basic for excess sludge thickening. The TurboDrain Basic has been in permanent operation there since January. Its encapsulation enables aerosol-free and low-noise operation. The small footprint of the TurboDrain, combined with its high and effective throughput, also makes it the ideal unit, even in difficult space conditions.


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