After a two-year construction phase, the first reel could be turned out at the end of 2020 at Hamburger’s new paper machine in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park near the town of Spremberg. With the construction of PM 2, Hamburger Containerboard, part of the Austrian Prinzhorn Group, is increasing its production capacity in Spremberg by 500,000 t/y to 900,000 t/y. Hamburger Containerboard is one of the leading producers of high-quality corrugated base paper in Europe.

With the start-up of the PM 2, Bellmer Hafner, in cooperation with Bellmer Lang, successfully completed one of its largest projects so far. Bellmer Hafner, as the main supplier, supplied the drying hood, the machine air technology and the hall air technology. Bellmer Lang supplied the steam and condensate system as well as the pump hot water (PWW) system.

The Bellmer Hafner High Efficiency Hood, which is used to enclose the paper machine, is a modern, extremely tight high-efficiency hood with lifting gates and allows high dew points inside. Its sophisticated design also ensures easier accessibility for maintenance and cleaning of the machine. The machine air technology includes several highly efficient heat recovery systems, which provide the supply and exhaust air. With the integrated air/air heat recovery systems, energy is extracted from the exhaust air and used to heat the supply air. This increases the efficiency of the system and reduces the energy consumption.

For a further increase in efficiency and reduction in energy consumption, additional heat recovery units are installed for heating the PWW system to heat the hall air technology and the water required in the process. For the ventilation of the paper machine hall and the adjacent production halls, a customised hall supply air system consisting of several supply air units including a distribution system was supplied. The system is divided into several ventilation areas and is controlled according to the respective hall air conditions. This keeps the hall climate at a uniform level and the energy requirement at a minimum all the time. A PWW circuit tailored to the requirements was supplied for optimal distribution of the regained energy from the heat recovery systems to the hall supply air units. This allows the hall supply air system to be operated year-round in a resource-saving manner.

An efficient steam and condensate system was supplied for heating the paper machine and the hood supply air system, which minimizes steam consumption.

Alexander Bauer, sub-project manager at PM2, confirmed the successful project: „Thanks to the good cooperation between Hamburger Containerboard, Bellmer Hafner and Bellmer Lang, the start-up was carried out quickly and efficiently. On behalf of Hamburger Rieger GmbH, we would like to thank Bellmer Hafner for the constructive cooperation and are pleased that we have found a reliable partner for our project.“


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