4 WinklePresses for Goudkoppies

Goudkoppies is one of 6 wastewater treatment plants in Johannesburg. In one of the largest cities in South Africa with its more than 5 million inhabitants, Joburg Water ensures the optimal purification and further treatment of all wastewater. For example, every month 1 000 samples are collected at 270 locations to guarantee the optimal purity of the wastewater before it is discharged into the Crocodile River. At the Goudkoppies Wastewater Treatment Plant in Soweto, wastewater from the city centre and the south-eastern areas of Johannesburg come together. The accumulating digested sludge has always been treated using belt filter presses.

Since the existing plants were quite susceptible to repairs, Joburg Water now decided to purchase high-quality Bellmer presses. No less than 4 WinklePresses WPK 3 S now ensure reliable and lowmaintenance dewatering of the sludge. With their extended horizontal pre-dewatering zone and the built- in high-pressure press zone, the best possible dewatering of the slurry to a optimum dry solids content is guaranteed.
The team in Goudkoppies is very satisfied with the new plants.

Bellmer Winklepress

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