Baotou Municipal Drainage was founded in late 2001 as a state-owned enterprise.
Today, it is the largest industrial water treatment company in northwestern China and includes the operation of several municipal wastewater treatment plants.
Seven years ago, four Bellmer cascades, consisting of TurboDrain TDC 2 and WinklePress WPN G 3S, were put into operation at Baotou Municipal Drainage’s largest wastewater treatment plant Baotou Beijiao. The operators of the plant are still very satisfied with the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.
Based on this experience, it was decided shortly afterwards to use Bellmer cascades in the same format for the extension of the sludge dewatering area within Baotou Donghedong’s wastewater treatment plant.
Compared to other manufacturers, Bellmer cascades are characterized by their reliable operation and low operating costs.
Recently, four more cascades were successfully integrated into the process at the Baotou Wanshuiquan wastewater treatment plant. Altogether Baotou has specified this reliable and durable technology ten times.