Bole Tap Water Company decided to expand the sewage treatment plant to 50,000 tons/day

Xinjiang bole sewage treatment plant is located in the eastern suburb of Bole city, Xinjiang (northwest China). Currently, its treats 20,000 tons/day of sewage. The sludge dewatering facility uses two sets of domestic belt sludge dewatering machines each with a belt width of 2 m. The sludge dewatering effect is not ideal. The treatment quantity is small, the sludge flocculation effect is poor, and the equipment failure and maintenance rate are relatively high.

Recently, due to the continuous increase in water volume, the owner, Bole Tap Water Company, decided to expand the sewage treatment plant to 50,000 tons/day. This necessitated the replacement of the original sludge dewatering equipment. Having undertaken a thorough consultation and inspection of our technology before purchase, the owner is very satisfied with Bellmer’s processing performance and has specified three extended WinklePress WPN G 3X, each with a belt width of 2.2 meters. The equipment will be installed before the Spring Festival.

Bellmer Belt Press Winklepress

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