This summer the first Bellmer Curtain Coater will go into operation.

The heart of the system — the application head — comes from the Swiss coating nozzle specialist TSE Troller. It combines simultaneous application of several layers with the highest quality and economical use of resources. All this is combined in the new Bellmer coating line, which our customer has ordered to expand its portfolio.

Curtain coating is a process in which the coating is applied by passing a paper web under a falling curtain of liquid. This pre-dosed coating process has the benefit of precise and uniform application, which results in high profitability for the company. The simultaneous application of several layers increases the productivity of the system and, besides, facilitates the development of new products.
The core of the plant is a four-meter-wide, multi-layered cascade nozzle. The production of the cascade nozzles requires a level of precision for which the Swiss are renowned: depending on the working width and customer requirements, this is up to ± 0.25 microns. By comparison, a human hair is about 50 microns thick, so 100 times as wide.

The curtain cascade nozzle for the project is designed to apply two coats simultaneously. Besides, preparations have already been made to expand the nozzle to three layers at some point in the future.
For more than 50 years, the Swiss company TSE Troller AG has put its inventiveness and commitment into the development and production of pre-dosed coating systems. With its pioneering spirit, Troller became the world’s leading manufacturer in this field and has delivered more than 600 nozzles worldwide in a wide variety of industries, including more than 100 curtain nozzles for paper and board manufacturers.
Bellmer designs and manufactures all the peripheral technology for the coater and contributes its know-how and knowledge of paper and board production. A drying extension with infrared is part of the scope of supply, as well as the workstation for the application media with ventilation, web guiding, and engineering.
Bellmer markets this new product under the name TURBOCurtain Coater.

Bellmer Paper Technology CurtainCoater reference 001

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