Reliable and smooth.

This is the positive conclusion of the Priwall sewage treatment plant team. Here, a TurboDrain is responsible for fully automatically sludge thickening from biological cleaning.
The Priwall, surrounded 96% by water, is a peninsula on the Baltic Sea, located in the German federal province of Schleswig-Holstein. The Priwall sewage treatment plant cleans the wastewater from the Travemünde and Brodten areas. Beside its central sewage plant duties for approximately 220,000 inhabitants, it also treats sewage for the disposal businesses associated with the city Lübeck. The cleaning capacity has been designed to have sufficient capacity for the numerous events and holidaymakers in Travemünde during the summer season. After thickening, the sewage sludge from the Priwall sewage treatment plant’s biological cleaning process is transported to the ZKW Lübeck and added to the digester towers. To reduce the transport volume of the surplus sludge from Priwall to Lübeck, the decision was taken to renew an unused, obsolete sludge thickening plant. The target was a thickening result of 6% DS, along with low energy, flocculant and rinse water consumption. After a tender process in 2015, the Bellmer TurboDrain TD Green 2C was commissioned by the plant engineer.

Bellmer News Desludging of the Baltic Sea
The TurboDrain is has proved a great success thanks to its reliable operation and optimum results

The Priwall sewage treatment plant team is highly satisfied with its new TurboDrain. The automatic, reliable operation and the consistently effective thickening performance have been convincing. Team leader Mr Hesse is very satisfied with the results achieved, the trouble-free operation and the savings in operating costs. His conclusion: «The Bellmer TurboDrain used in our company fully meets our expectations.”


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