second rebuild step at Stora Enso, Skutskär

Following the first step of modernization – the installation of the new TURBOVaahtoJetter headbox in Skutskär, Sweden, last year — the pre-acceptance for the reeling section has now taken place in Niefern.

Skutskär pulp mill is located 160 km north of Stockholm. The pulp dryer DM 7 has been rebuilt from its original format for the production of commercial market pulp in bale form to the production of soft fluff pulp in rolls. Fluff pulp is mainly used as a raw material for absorbent hygienic products such as diapers.
For the pre-acceptance of the second rebuild-step, the project manager Curt Sundström and electronics specialist Tobias Persson have been to Niefern to check the quality of the components for the reeling section. A TURBOReeler pope reel is used for the roll-up of the jumbo rollers. The TURBOTransporter ensures the easy handling of the full rolls without the use of a crane. The reel storage is sited over the machine due to lack of space and the reels will be transported by lift. This area is supplemented by a TURBOWinder slitter winder from Bellmer GapCon, Willich.
Since fluff is a hygienic product, the components are equipped with food-grade oils and greases. The second rebuild step will be implemented in the second quarter of the year.

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Convincing results at the pre-acceptance
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