Cardboard with optimum surface quality

Buchmann Karton stands for both: tradition and modernity. The independent company with over 120 years of tradition is innovative in the development and production of high-quality folding boxboard. In the German city Annweiler, Buchmann produces 275,000 tons of high-quality board per year on two machines.

For its 4-layer folding boxboard, Buchmann is modernizing the KM 3 in cooperation with Bellmer. A new TurboCurtain Coater replaces an existing older coater. The Bellmer curtain coater with its single-layer cascade nozzle offers optimum conditions for carton coating to improve product quality and optimize raw material use.

In addition to an upstream coating for the reverse side and a further coating unit after the TurboCurtain Coater, Buchmann thus receives a product with two top coats. The scope of supply is supplemented by the installation of an Airturn for non-contact web guiding and new, more powerful emitters for the existing IR dryers.

Bellmer Curtain Coater

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