«Group of Companies PCBK» invests in the fluting production line in Perm

The mill on the Chusovaya River in the south of the Ural Mountains will rebuild the PM21 production line with the target to improve the efficiency and to increase its production by the beginning of 2020. In autumn 2018, «Group of Companies PCBK» has signed the contract with Bellmer for the supply of a new press section.

In the future, the machine will produce Fluting at a maximum speed of 800 m/min and a sheet width of 4.250 mm. To ensure the highest ex-press dryness, the new press section will have a jumbo press in the first nip and a TurboPress shoe press in the second nip. Another important reason for choosing this concept is the elimination of open draws and reduction of breaks in the wet end.

The scope of supply includes not only the complete press section with a TurboPress shoe press but also all auxiliary systems like the hydraulic units, the mechanical drives, and the automation system. To ensure best runnability at high speeds in the future also the wire section will be modernized and the first dryer group will be converted to slalom.

As a fully integrated mill «Group of Companies PCBK» has the best possibilities to meet the growing demand for customized high-quality packaging products.

Bellmer Press section Perm
Green light for the modernization of the press section

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