TurboShaker improves formation at Sappi in Ehingen, Germany

Sappi in Ehingen uses the latest technologies to guarantee an excellent production process and superior product quality and manufactures a range of coated paper in sheet and roll format in matt or silk matt finishes. The existing shaking unit at Sappi in Ehingen was a first generation shaker. With a stroke of 18 mm, this was at its maximum and further improvements in quality were no longer possible. Against these backgrounds and restrictions, the old unit had to be replaced urgently. The Bellmer high-speed TurboShaker makes it possible to influence sheet formation and other paper properties permanently and positively. With precise adjustment options, the operator can easily adjust the jogging stroke, now up to 25 mm and the jogging frequency up to 600/min-1, for the production of high-quality paper and board.

The new TurboShaker is equipped with hydrostatic-dynamic HSD plain bearings. In contrast to the roller bearings previously used, HSD bearings are immediately ready for operation when the paper machine is switched on and can be more easily integrated into the existing breast roll stand during installation. After the rebuild, the stroke/frequency curves were determined jointly for all three reference grades. After optimal adjustment, the formation was visually evaluated. This finally resulted in a formation increase of 8-10%, which corresponds to the high Sappi standard.

Bellmer Breast Roll TurboShaker

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