More and more loosening was the pleasing result of the lower case numbers in Germany in recent weeks. Time for us to take stock.

Coronavirus has affected the Bellmer daily operations in many ways. Web conferences have largely replaced business trips. Employees cycle between coming into the offi ce and working from home. When working in the office several protective measures are enforced: social distancing when applicable, requiring personal protective equipment (e.g., facemasks), and routine  disinfection of common spaces. Due to these measures the Bellmer workforce remains healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. All our German and European plants maintain full production. In some cases they required overtime to meet delivery dates. Our service plants in China and India were interrupted for several weeks, but they both restarted operations recently. Thanks to our worldwide presence, we were also able to carry out installation and commissioning. We supplemented local support with digital support from our service staff at the main plants.

Erich, Martin and Philipp Kollmar

The paper industry is one of the system-relevant industries and the downtimes were mostly low. On the contrary, some of our customers reported record order receipts for several weeks. Our Separation Technology customers, such as environmental or food companies were not affected from closures. Some of our customers continue to be courageous and start new projects. For example, we were able to win new orders in China, South Korea, Russia, England and Germany. It has always been wise to invest counter-cyclical. This gives us confidence to master the challenges of the future together with you.

Stay healthy!

Bellmer headquarter

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