Sustainable packaging solutions are more than just a trend. This  also applies to the proven cardboard cores of the paper mill Carl Macher GmbH & Co. KG in  Brunnenthal. The 170,000 tonnes of high-quality coreboard produced annually are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. As a member of the Kunert Group, Carl Macher ensures that core board for the production of customer-specifc cores is always available in the required quantity and quality. The knowledge gained about the use of the raw material flows directly into the production of the core board. In order to be well-prepared for the future and to be able to increase the high quality even further, Carl Macher has overhauled the PM 3 together with Bellmer.

First and foremost is a TurboStreamer rectifier roll headbox. Equipped with a dilution water control system, it guarantees a uniform cross-profile of the paper web. Its geometry of the inlet chamber with special diffusers, individually adapted to the production requirements, as well as the matched rectifier rolls ensure effective influencing of the flake structure – ideal for core papers. Bellmer optimized the wire section to handle the new headbox. Furthermore, the cast iron cylinders in the dryer section were replaced by steel cylinders. This significantly improved energy consumption in the already energy efficient production. In excellent cooperation with the Macher team, the Bellmer assembly team realized and commissioning team a precision landing on schedule.

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