The TurboPress belt from Zhejiang Five Star Paper has been in continuous operation for 5 years and 198 days.

Five Star Paper Co, Ltd., located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, is a leader in the production of cup board, food and liquid packaging board. The company has installed a TurboPress shoepress in its 2nd press nip. The belt of the TurboPress, supplied by Bellmer GapCon, has been in continuous operation for 5 years and 198 days, which is a new record in China! Its special shoe construction ensures the desired load characteristics of the TurboPress. The fully lubricated and temperature controlled belt ensures low friction and a uniform moisture cross-profile of the web. This results in the TurboPress belt exceeding traditional belt service lifetime.

Mr Zhao Chunfeng, production manager at Five Star, is more than satisfied: „The company has a special technical control system for shoe presses, such as control mechanisms that prevent potential damage caused by the penetration of hard objects. The paper mill keeps accurate operating records; each shift records the oil temperature, oil flow, linear load, etc. and regulates the parameters to optimum conditions. The shoe press has not required maintenance for more than 8 years“. Mr. Zhao emphasizes: „The sleeve can indeed be used for another 1-2 years. The shoe press runs smoothly, the web dryness after the press is 50%, the steam savings are 15-20% compared to the traditional jumbo roll press. Power consumption and maintenance costs are low“.

*At the time of this photo, masks were not yet mandatory.


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