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Our latest development, BellCare, bridges the gap between our experts and your staff at the speed of light without any loss of travel time. The real-time communication technology allows our specialists to have an insight into the installed technology at the customer‘s site, if required, by using mixed reality technology. With Bellcare, we are able to provide you with professional support without loss of time.

Augmented Reality glasses allow you to work hands-free with the Bellmer expert standing virtually in the room, next to your employee, and advising which steps are necessary. BellCare pays for itself quickly and is extremely easy to use. If your colleague in the factory needs support, he simply puts on his glasses and establishes a MS Teams (or similar web meeting programme) connection with the Bellmer expert. Through a camera in the front of the glasses, our expert then immediately has the same view of the plant as your employee wearing the glasses. At the same time your engineer sees our expert and computer displays or documents for effective support as a virtual appearance in the room. The glasses are also equipped with a number of sensors, microphones, loudspeakers and appropriate noise suppression to ensure communication in industrial environments.

remote support onsite by our Bellmer experts

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