Our IT creates the basis for an efficient home office

An end of the pandemic does not seem to be in sight until today and the acid test begins not only for parents where rigid working hours, lockdown and Corona rules start. We at Bellmer have also recognised this and have made home office possible for our employees in order to protect workers from contagion and to keep absences from work to a minimum. Our IT team has also created the conditions for the „Bellmer workplace at home“ with know-how and commitment.
The first task was to provide equipment suitable for home offices. Hardware and software solutions such as Teams are important when employees work together on a project or participate in meetings. Service and installation support are guaranteed so that all steps can be carried out completely remotely. Security first! The security of company files, servers and employee data also has top priority when working from home. VPN encryption protects data traffic in the company network. The IT team realised a central administration of hardware and software. With a client management solution, all digital end devices of the employees can be administered securely.

Many thanks to our IT team for the well-organised implementation. This way, Bellmer remains a safe and productive employer even in times of a pandemic.

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