Teambuilding 2021 at Bellmer Finland and Bellmer Czech

A properly organized teambuilding exercise can lead to a strengthened team with increased motivation. Both Bellmer Finland and Bellmer Czech left the daily work routine behind and spent the day team building to build connections. Nothing brings people together more and nothing creates a “we-feeling” faster than shared experiences and shared emotions.
Did you know that orienteering is one of most popular sports in Finland? For few years in a row, a team of participants from Bellmer Finland Oy has been successfully participating in orienteering events.
The purpose of orienteering is to navigate using a map and compass from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed. Participants are given a topographical map, which they use to fi nd control points and to pass through a given number of checkpoints in a minimum amount of time. Orienteering gives a great opportunity to show leadership and navigational skills, ingenuity and also enjoy the magnificent nature of Finland.

BCZ also organised a teambuilding event for its employees in bright sunshine. After a football match among colleagues and the traditional boules, everyone enjoyed delicious grilled fish. The get-together also provided an opportunity for new colleagues to form friendly bonds. The next event is already being planned.


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