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Papierfabrik Vreden has been producing corrugated base papers in the Westmünsterland region for over 70 years. “Paper is our passion — medium-sized, ecological, fl exible, future-oriented” is the motto of the company headed by Frank Brauckmann, third-generation managing director.
At PM1 in Vreden, corrugated base papers are produced from 100% recycled paper. To increase formation and expand the product range, PM1 has now been equipped with a new top wire section including a TurboJetter headbox from Bellmer. Vreden is very satisfied with the Bellmer headboxes! After the positive experience with two headboxes, which are still in use, the team in Vreden decided in favor of a Bellmer headbox for the third installation.
The possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment of the front wall position, as well as the precise run-out gap correction, enable the TurboJetter to adapt flexibly and optimally to the respective gram mage range or the given production situation. The commissioning of PM1 took place in January of this year and was 100% successful. Mr. Bußmann, Technical Manager at Vreden, was very satisfied with the smooth implementation: “Everything worked very well right from the start. The 1st tail immediately went up to the reeler and we were able to run the full width directly.”

With the new top wire, Vreden can now run higher quality grades. Everything was designed to fit the tight space conditions. Bellmer was as flexible as usual in handling the order and the excellent cooperation during project execution also contributed to the success.
Thanks to Jens Bußmann and the whole Vreden team!

Bellmer headbox TubroJetter

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