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Bellmer inaugurates an extension on the occasion of its anniversary

Bellmer celebrated its 180th anniversary with a large family day for employees and their families, which also included the inauguration of the new extension to Plant 3 in Enzberg.
Around 460 guests celebrated the company anniversary with the managing directors Erich, Martin and Philipp Kollmar. The brothers are already running the family business in the sixth generation. The founder Carl Bellmer laid the foundation for the success story in 1842 with the purchase of a paper mill in Niefern by deciding to produce parts for paper mills. Today, the company is a high-class technology provider with two business divisions. «Paper Technology» focuses primarily on paper and board machines. The «Separation Technology» deals with water and sludge treatment. Bellmer plans and designs entire plants for customers all over the world or carries out modernization measures on existing plants for the pulp and paper industry.

The company’s headquarters are still located in Niefern, Germany. Around the globe, there are 16 subsidiaries with about 760 employees. Almost 300 people are employed at the three plants in Niefern and Enzberg. In order to be able to guarantee high quality and reliable delivery times, production takes place exclusively in the plants in Germany and Finland. The other sites in Spain, China, India, USA and the Netherlands are part of the company’s service network.

There are two production facilities in Niefern, which were supplemented ten years ago by the construction of a third plant in neighboring Enzberg. In order to be prepared for the future, the production and assembly hall in Enzberg was expanded. This provides significantly more space, especially for the assembly of complex machines.
«The groundbreaking ceremony was in March of this year,» reports Heiko Hölzle, Bellmer’s authorized signatory and logistics manager. The existing hall, which covers around 5,000 square meters, was expanded by around 2,100 square meters. The construction company Harsch Fertigbau from Bretten was responsible for this. «The Harsch company is always a reliable partner,» says Hölzle. Harsch already had the expansion in mind when planning the first construction phase. Thus, the former outer wall could be completely removed with little effort so that the existing hall could seamlessly merge with the extension. The enlarged hall was supplemented by additional heavy-duty cranes capable of handling loads of up to 40 tons.

The crane hook height is 15 meters. «We’ve already had machines here that are just under 14 meters,» says Hölzle, illustrating the dimensions of the machines produced. In the new part of the hall, assembly rails were precisely aligned before they were encased in concrete. In addition, a system for electricity and compressed air was integrated into the floor specifically for assembly. The foundations extend up to 3.50 meters into the ground so that they can support the enormous weights of the machines. The building was constructed from around 100 precast concrete elements with a total weight of around 1,000 tons. The extension was visually adapted to the existing building, for which thermally insulated trapezoidal steel sheeting was used. Thanks to the latest technology, the gas dark radiator heating system is also equipped with heat recovery. Since the right light contributes significantly to the working climate, the LED light strips are controlled by sensors. This allows the lamps in the new part of the hall to adjust independently to the actual lighting conditions, making light switches superfluous. A solar system was installed on the roof, which can cover around 70 percent of the energy requirements when the sun is shining. As part of the construction work, a new outdoor storage area covering around 4,000 square meters was set up on a site in the immediate vicinity. In addition, a new changing area has been built for the employees. The core workforce at the Enzberg site comprises around 35 employees working in two shifts. If necessary, the team is supplemented by employees from the plants in Niefern. At the family day, the newly inaugurated part of the hall could still be used for the catering and social gathering of the employees and their families.

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