Westrock Solvay PM1 dual headbox project was successfully started up with paper on reel in spring last year.

Bellmer’s project scope consisted of a TurboJetter+ hydraulic dilution controlled headbox and a TurboJetter hydraulic headbox, spare parts, and related site services. The project targets include increased quality, speed, and production on all machine grades. In addition, a long-term production care program is being carried out on site together with the customer. The program aims to support Westrock Solvay in optimization works and train the personnel in the operation of the new equipment to produce world-class kraftliner for corrugated boxes.

The startup went smoothly according to the schedule, thanks to expert handling of the project by the customer and seamless cooperation between our commissioning team and the customer team. The precise dilution control on the BP headbox, and the edge control technology on both new headboxes have significantly improved the basis weight profiles from the tending to the drive sides of the machine.
This partnership of success left the customer satisfied with the outcome!

Bellmer headbox TubroJetter

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