Model improves formation and strength properties with TURBOShaker

The Model group develops, produces and delivers intelligent, innovative and high-quality packaging solutions of solid and corrugated board, from simple transport packaging to highly refined chocolate and perfume boxes.
The Group consists of 10 subsidiaries in nine countries. The company headquarters is located in the Swiss town of Weinfelden. Model’s packaging is characterized by its high quality and the company has received several prizes and awards for its innovative packaging solutions. In order to increase its quality standards still further, Model has invested in a new TURBOShaker to improve the formation on PM 2, which produces testliner and corrugated paper. In addition to the headbox and the dewatering elements, breast roll shaking offers the opportunity influence formation permanently. The TURBOShaker eliminates mechanical forces which act on the foundation of the building thanks to its design principle of mutually balancing centrifugal forces. As a result, the shaking stroke can be coordinated with the shaking frequency.
Through its unique drive design, the TURBOShaker only requires a small footprint which makes it an ideal unit to retrofit in existing plants. During the development of the TURBOShaker the focus was to conceive a simple and user-friendly solution.

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The investment in TURBOShaker pays off thanks to significantly improved formation

The control of the TURBOShaker on PM2 is completely integrated into the customer system’s process visualization.
Andreas Klumpp, Operations Manager, expressed his satisfaction after a problem-free commissioning: «Everything was very well prepared. We have been able to improve formation significantly. As a result, paper strength has also increased. We can recommend the use of the TURBOShaker.»

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