A smooth operation despite Corona pandemic obstacles

The new fluting and testliner machine PM3 of SCG Packaging Public Company Limited (“SCGP”) ‘s subsidiary, the United Pulp and Paper Co., Inc. in the Philippines, was started up successfully by Bellmer at the end of February 2022. China Haisum Engineering Co., LTD covered the project’s overall responsibility on an EPC base while Bellmer delivered key components of the board machine: TurboJetter headbox, TurboFormer dewatering unit and TurboPress for shoepressing. In addition, site services and customer training were an essential part of Bellmer’s scope.
Bellmer installation, commissioning, and start-up team, Jack Hong from Bellmer China, Ari Uitto and Jukka Linnonmaa from Bellmer Finland, and Rainer Kelm and Andreas Brongars from Bellmer Gapcon had seamless co-operation with SCGP and Haisum experts. As a result, PM3 had a smooth start-up and now produces top-notch board quality for demanding packing applications. The mechanical design speed of PM3 aimed for 1200m/min with the basis weight range 110-185 g/m2.
The project is a powerful demonstration of Bellmer’s capability to work under challenging circumstances shadowed by the global pandemic. We are proud of the joint efforts achieved and thank the project teams for an excellent job done!

A successful start-up despite Corona pandemic obstacles.

Bellmer headbox TubroJetter

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