The Wasser- und Abwasserverband Osterholz (WAV Osterholz) operates not only the drinking water supply in the district of Osterholz but also the wastewater disposal for the member municipalities Grasberg, Hambergen, Worpswede and Schwanewede. These municipalities also operate their own wastewater treatment plants.
WAV Osterholz has set itself the goals of permanently reducing its own CO2 footprint and the quantities of sewage sludge to be disposed of at its three wastewater treatment plants to a considerable extent. To achieve these goals, WAV Osterholz has expanded the wastewater treatment process to include “anaerobic sewage sludge stabilization” (sewage sludge digestion) at the Hambergen wastewater treatment plant. The sewage gas produced in the digestion process is collected in a storage tank and used to operate the wastewater treatment plant by means of a combined heat and power unit.
Part of the rebuild also included the sludge dewatering area upstream of the digestion process. Here, WAV opted for two Bellmer TurboDrain systems for thickening the excess sludge at the Hambergen and Worpswede wastewater treatment plants.
The TurboDrain in particular is known for its economical operation.
Compared to other systems, it is characterized by its minimum specific energy consumption and low drive power. In addition, it impresses with its low polymer and spray water consumption. On average, savings of up to 22% are possible for all components. During the thickening process, it proves its effective dewatering through high separation efficiencies and convinces with its user-friendly, reliable and low-maintenance operation.
The measures implemented yield a total saving of up to 50% of the previous energy consumption of all three wastewater treatment plants and of the CO2 emissions of the Hambergen wastewater treatment plant.


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