More than 25% dry solids for Bohui Paper

Shandong Bohui Paper Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1994. This large Chinese company is divided into the following areas: research and development, paper production and sales. It has a total of 5,000 employees. The Group’s main products are folding box board, printing and writing paper, testliner, gypsum board and kraftliner. Shandong Bohui Paper produces an annual volume of 1.2 million tonnes of paper; it also produces and sells pulp.
The company is the proud winner of a number of awards, covering everything from its position as a high-tech enterprise and strong contributor to the economy of Shandong Province, to its exemplary business ethics. Among the many plaudits is its recognition as an “Excellent Enterprise for Water Pollution Control” awarded by the Environmental Protection Bureau.

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WinklePress technology has proved a bit hit with the team at Bohui Paper

In 2016 Bohui Paper placed its first order for two Bellmer WPN 5X WinklePresses, for the dewatering of mixed sludge. WinklePress™ technology has achieved dry contents of more than 25% dry solids for Bohui Paper, where the team has been so satisfied with the WinklePresses™, they ordered an additional seven to replace the existing chamber filter presses. With a total of nine WinklePresses™, effective and economic sludge dewatering will be guaranteed at Bohui Paper.


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