Four WinklePresses for Patanjali Ayurved in India

The Indian scholar Patanjali is described as the “father of yoga”. He is also the inspiration behind Patanjali Ayurved Limited, which is now one of the largest companies in India. The company was founded by the well-known Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev in 2006, together with its current Managing Director Acharya Balkrishna. The manufacturing and administrative headquarters are located in the industrial area of Haridwar, while the registered office is in Delhi. Patanjali offers a wide range of organic products in the fields of healthcare, cosmetics and food. It imports the majority of the herbs it uses from the Nepalese Himalayas. Hygiene and quality are the top priority in the production of consumer goods, and quality pays for itself – Patanjali is the fastest growing company in India. Two completely new factories have just been built at sites in Nagpur and Noida. Juices from exotic fruits and vegetables, e.g. Amla berries (Indian gooseberry), bottle gourds, papayas, pomegranates etc. are extracted and further processed in manufacturing halls almost 120 meters in length.
Due to the careful juicing process, Patanjali has chosen Bellmer Technic as its supplier. At each new location, two WPX 3 and WPX 1 WinklePresses are used for juicing a maximum 30 t/h of fruit and vegetables. Start-up of the plants took place in October this year and production is scheduled to start before the end of 2017.

Bellmer Separation Technology Fruit Press

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