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The city of Belišće, in the eastern part of Croatia, was founded towards the end of the 19th century. After the Second World War, one of the largest cellulose/paper industries in Southeastern Europe emerged there. The paper mill Belišće, which belongs to the British packaging manufacturer DS Smith, was founded in 1960 on the banks of the river Drava. Thanks to its location, the leading paper manufacturer in Croatia has excellent motorway connections to Europe and Rijeka, the largest port on the Croatian Adriatic.

To increase the quality of the PM 2, Belišće decided to rebuild the machine, together with Bellmer last year. The product range of the PM 2 includes corrugating medium and testliner with a grammage of 90-200 g/m² and a production speed of 550 m/min. A TurboJetter with dilution water control now contributes to the increased quality of the paper grades. An extension of the existing wire section by about 4m, to improve the drainage performance for future increases in production speed, was also part of the Bellmer rebuild.

Both assembly and commissioning proceeded as planned. Above all, punctuality was an important criterion that could be realized without any problems. Technical Director Ivica Kokić also confirmed the excellent results with his equation: “Assembly according to schedule + smooth commissioning + good optimization = excellent results.”

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Bellmer TurboJetter for DS Smith
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