Ahlstrom Billingsfors started up successfully the PM6 TurboJetter headbox

Dilution controlled TurboJetter headbox and renewal of approach flow with new screens were the main components of Bellmer delivered for Ahlstrom Billingsfors PM6 in April. The production line had an investment shut over Easter and the machine was successfully restarted exactly as planned.
Bellmer Finland was in charge of the equipment delivery as well as the entire installation services, training and start-up. The headbox has a slice width 5,3 m and is designed for max. production speed of 800 m/min of fine papers for the lowest basis weight 17 gsm. Basis weight ranges from 17 – 70 gsm. The excellent quality of the paper was achieved since the start-up. Especially CD-profiles and formation show huge improvement compared to the situation before rebuild.
Ahlstrom Billingsfors mill is located in western Sweden at lake Laxsjön 110 km from Karlstad. The paper mill is integrated with sulphate pulp production and manufactures specialty wood-free papers for steel interleaving, wrapping, packaging and carbonizing base. The mill has a very proud history of papermaking since 1884.

Please see in the picture Production Manager Stefan Skarström and PM6 line manager Börje Dahl of Billingsfors mill as well Start-up Manager Jukka Linnonmaa and Automation Engineer Ari Uitto from Bellmer.

Bellmer headbox TubroJetter

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