Your success is our success!

Bellmer’s mission is to be your personal and flexible partner, your care-taker contributing to your corporate success with innovative solutions.



As a family business personal service for our customers is our highest priority. Your contact person guarantees a smooth project process and quick order implementation. Here, our operational management team ensures you guidance during the entire project. In case of any specific demands or needs, your contact partner will personally take care of your matters. In short, Bellmer is just personal.


We solve our customers’ tasks in a very flexible way. Due to our efficient organizational structure, short delivery periods and short decision-making processes are possible. Additionally, our enthusiastic attitude, our high degree of automation as well as modern machinery build a flexible base. In short, Bellmer is flexible.


We offer our customers a 24 hours service all around the clock. Since the equipment has to run optimally 24-hour every day of the week, we guarantee continuous support. In case of an emergency, our customers can always contact their contact person. In short, Bellmer is your care-taker.


Tradition meets Innovation

Since 1842 Bellmer, offers state of the art machinery for the Paper technology and Separation technology industry. As a family-owned company, Bellmer displays certain traditions and habits from our company heritage. However, today Bellmer offers innovative solutions for our clients, which lead to success. In short, Bellmer traditions meet innovation.

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