Factory acceptance of the „Zandvliet“ project at Bellmer

Cape Town and the entire Western Cape Province are known for the beauty and biodiversity of their nature. The natural resources must be protected, including their water, especially considering the water shortage that prevails there. Therefore, the city of Cape Town continuously invests in its wastewater treatment.

Zandvliet Waste Water Treatment Works is upgrading equipment with the assistance of PCI Africa using Bellmer technology. Four WinklePress Green size 4 will dewater the primary sludge in Zandvliet in the future. Six Cascades, each consisting of a size 4 WinklePress Green and a size 4 TurboDrain TDC, guarantee resource-saving and effective dewatering of the excess sludge. The upgrade of the Zandvliet wastewater treatment plant will be completed by 2021.

The city of Cape Town already operates several wastewater treatment plants with Bellmer technology. In Bellville, Mitchells Plain, and Borcherds Quarry a total of 21 sludge treatment machines are in operation.

Mike Hughes, Director of PCI Africa, and Alfred Schröder, Technical Director of the Engineer at Aurecon South Africa, were recently in Niefern for the successful factory acceptance.

Bellmer TurboDrain

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