Bellmer Screw Press BX LL

Screw Press – AKUPRESS BX LL

For municipal sludge dewatering applications, we offer the AKUPRESS BX LL-Ls type screw press. Here we build on the experiences gained from more than 700 AKUPRESS units sold and delivered. This press for municipal use is a further development of the specialists for screw presses. In addition to the individual components we supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment that includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology, conveying systems and catwalks.


  • Patented torque control by movable screen basket
  • Integrated sedimentation unit
  • Closed, compact and robust design
  • Maximal dry contents
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
Bellmer Screw Press

Maximum system performance

The key point is the movable screen basket of the screw press AKUPRESS. Hence with this system the AKUPRESS allows a sensitive adjustment of the dewatering pressure for optimal dewatering results. In addition, with the integrated sedimentation the AKUPRESS reaches best filtrate levels and high capture rates. Through a discontinuous and minimal spray water requirement with own filtrate the AKUPRESS does not need any clear water. The machine has a long service life and easy maintenance due to its armoured screw spiral, flanged screw or split screen baskets. In addition, our screw presses have low energy consumption and operation cost. In short, the AKUPRESS shows maximum system performance.

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