Bellmer has become one of the key suppliers of multi-branch company M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO.

M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO is headquartered in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and traces its origins back to 1930s. Bellmer’s Paper Technology division has supplied an entire paper machine to Al Dhafra. The delivery of a WinklePress for sludge dewatering completed the scope of supply.
Thanks to its strategic geographical advantage, Dubai has steadily grown into an important trading and shopping center in the Arabic world. Access to recycled fiber gave M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO the boost it needed to expand into board production at the Dubai mill site Union Paper Mills in 1988 and further at a new mill site, Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing, in the neighboring Emirate Abu Dhabi in 2017.

Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing’s production site is located in a large industrial park outside the city of Abu Dhabi. Here in the hot desert, where temperatures of 50 °C are not unusual, huge water tanks stand in the blazing heat, while flights in and out of the nearby Air Base whip up the desert sand and leave a sandy taste behind. The area is well guarded: you´re only able to enter the production site by shuttle, with a security guard and rigorous headcount. It is here that packing boards are produced from recycled paper and old corrugated boxes.
Bellmer Paper Technology has supplied the entire paper machine to Al Dhafra. The scope of supply incudes a TurboVaahtoJetter dilution controlled headbox for perfect CD-profiles and TurboSizer for improved strength of testliner and fluting grades. Bellmer Vaahto was in charge of project management, installation supervision, commissioning, training and start-up services. This was actually a repeat order, because Bellmer´s northern subsidiary, Vaahto, rebuilt PM2 at the Dubai mill site a few years ago.

People in the United Arab Emirates rely on quality products from Germany: for sludge dewatering a WinklePress has been in use at the Dubai site since early 2000. This reliable reference was the best sales tool when the WinklePress NG3X was selected for Al Dhafra for sludge dewatering, in order to achieve the highest dry solids contents at low operating costs.
Despite temperatures as high as 58 °C, the fitters in the factory performed at their best. Only the standard switch cabinet with control for the WinklePress components is located in an air-conditioned room. To ensure the proper functioning of the WinklePress at these extreme temperatures, a sensor is integrated into the operator panel, which feeds compressed air to cool the housing.
The exceptional working temperatures, somewhat out of the ordinary for central Europeans, were offset by the warm welcome which Bellmer’s specialists received, the well-managed logistics between the accommodation and the site and the good food provided.
After successful commissioning in June 2017, it followed that a second Bellmer press would be installed soon. The equipment has already been delivered and space set aside in the small air-conditioned room for the electronic control.

Bellmer pond sizer TurboSizer on Testliner in Germany

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