Clear and efficient process of the TurboDrain

The wastewater treatment plant AHW in Wiesloch was first built in 1966, and technical optimization has been constant ever since. Today, the plant serves some 110,000 inhabitants. Back in 2015, the team at AHW decided to renew the excess sludge thickening process, since the existing machines were too old and no longer profitable, with high operating costs and maintenance. After two years of preplanning, the Bellmer TurboDrain TD-Green 08 C was selected following a tender process. The startup took place in January 2018. The TurboDrain started without issues, and the first dry content results were above 6% DS with a polymer usage between 1.0-2.0 g/kg – very satisfying for the AHW team. After training by the Bellmer commissioning Engineer, the AHW team quickly took on board the basic functions of the machine and took advantage of the simple and efficient process. The TurboDrain and its performance have proved convincing once again!

BELLMER Team in Wiesloch
The team in good spirits following positive thickening results
Bellmer TurboDrain

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