The start signal has fallen – the construction begins

With a symbolic turn of the sod on 2nd of February at 1.00 p.m. the construction of the new production hall with adjoining office and social building started in Düren-Mariaweiler (Germany).

Spatenstich Neubau Bellmer Kufferath
Groundbreaking ceremony Bellmer Kufferath in Düren–Mariaweiler

Bellmer Kufferath is investing about two million euros for the construction project. Preparations have been going on for a year. The completion and occupation are planned for this fall.

The excellent order situation at Bellmer Kufferath has caused production to burst at the seams. Therefore, with the new construction of approximately 860 square meters of hall space and a further 288 square meters of office and social space, the prerequisite for an optimal production process is created. This opportunity for development allows developments to be driven forward.

Today, Bellmer Kufferath is the world market leader in screw presses, producing screw shafts from 200mm to 1400mm. The screwpress AKUPRESS are used worldwide in the dewatering of coarse materials, pulps or sludges in the paper industry, but also in many other applications in the recycling sector and the food industry.

We look forward to reporting more news about our new building soon.

Bellmer Kufferath

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