The Belgian sludge treatment specialist GEO-Groep dewaters with Bellmer technology

Geo-Groep’s WWT unit in Geel, Belgium, is the go-to provider of wastewater and sludge treatment for those companies which do not have their own wastewater treatment plant or are having temporary problems with their own installation. Geo-Groep specializes in the sustainable processing of wastewater and sludge, generated by a wide variety of industries, using the latest high-performance processing techniques.

For all its activities Geo-Groep brings together its own knowledge and expertise combined with that of its preferred partners and subcontractors. In this way Geo-Groep can provide the most technologically-advanced, economical and sustainable total solution for all physical problems associated with wastewater and sludge treatment. To extend the dewatering capacity of its own wastewater treatment plant in Geel, Geo-Groep, has chosen a Bellmer dewatering system. The Winklepress Green-2.

After consultation with the commercial and technical service of SOLIS Projects and running a very successful test with Bellmer’s mobile Winklepress, the choice was not difficult. The press was installed in a new building and the dewatered sludge-cake is stored in a sludge silo with a walking floor, which means truck loading is quick. The first results with this new installation are promising: SOLIS Projects and Bellmer have delivered a highly effective and efficient dewatering system.

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