4 AKUPRESS screw presses convince with their good performance parameters

The aha operates a landfill with a mechanical-biological waste treatment at the German location Hanover, Moorwaldweg. In the biological stage (dry fermentation plant) about 120,000 tons of pre-treated municipal waste are processed annually. The fermentation residues resulting from the biological process must be dewatered for further processing. As early as 2004, the manufacturer of the fermentation plant opted for AKUPRESS AM 625 screw presses. After the experience with the screw presses supplied by Bellmer Kufferath over the last 10 years had been consistently positive, BKM also prevailed in the tender for the reorientation of the dewatering technology.

In total, the package to be delivered included 4 AKUPRESS®AMX 625 screw presses. The reasons for the decision were not only the investment costs, but also the above-average availability of the machines and the smooth service procedure over the last 14 years. The technical process characteristics such as dry content and throughput capacity were also convincing. On-site commissioning of the machines was staggered in the spring of the year. The trial operation took place in May and the agreed performance parameters (throughput capacity, dry content of press material and press water as well as the agreed plant availability) were achieved immediately.

We look forward to continuing to support the customer within the framework of a maintenance contract.

Bellmer Akupress Screwpress AL

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