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Tea or coffee? In Germany, the decision to this question usually falls in favor of the coffee bean, but the lovers of the tea leaf remain true to their drink and keep the consumption at a high level. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, a common method to access the drink is through a single serve capsule.

Whether filter or capsule variant, GLATFELTER LYDNEY LIMITED in the UK offers the best filter paper for every product variant. The P. H. Glatfelter Company produces specialty papers at several locations worldwide. As the global market leader in tea bag papers, Glatfelter develops highperformance filter papers which are used to brew billions of cups of tea around the world every  year. Glatfelter also has a comprehensive range of non-heat sealable and heat sealable coffee filter papers used in hard pods, soft pads, bags, pouches, and  capsule filtration.

To further improve quality and increase occupational safety, Glatfelter in Lydney has now modernized the end section of the PM 8 with Bellmer’s technology. Part of the delivery is a Bellmer soft nip calender TurboCal. It can achieve a smoother sheet in terms of porosity as well as a uniform cross profi le thickness with minimal volume loss. With a special roll cover, the TurboCal is adapted to the product requirements of the filter papers. The TurboRoll CC is designed as a classic floating roll, which compensates for the defl ection of the counter-roll.
In addition to the paper web and rope guidance system, a TurboReeler pope reel completes the production line. It is equipped with the Bellmer BellDur system. The system monitors and controls the winding hardness from the core to the maximum diameter. The paper will not be winded up on reels, but rather winding shafts. These are previously covered with sleeves, which facilitates the cutting process during subsequent processing.
The erection and commissioning of PM 8 was completed on schedule, smoothly and successfully at the beginning of 2020.


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