Contract for modernization at ANGREN PACK.

Shortly after Bellmer Czech was founded, the company succeeded in winning the contract for the supply of the stock preparation, the approach flow system and the PM modernization at ANGREN PACK.

Bellmer Czech s.r.o. succeeded in signing the contract for the modernization of the paper process with a total value of almost 7.4 million EUR for its long-term customer „ANGREN PACK“. The scope of supply includes a stock preparation system, an approach flow system and a new Poperoller. Part of the order is the modernization and maintenance of the existing board machine with the aim of increasing the efficiency of paper production.
ANGREN PACK is one of the largest paper mills in Central Asia. The owner of paper mill in Angren is „NICOL-PACK“, who already owns 5 paper and converting sites in Russia.

The stock preparation line is designed for processing imported and local waste paper, which is specific with high value of impurities and low length of fibers. Bellmer Czech will supply the complete continuous waste paper dissolving process, including a 50m³ low consistency pulper and all auxiliaries for  efficient continuous cleaning of the pulper. The pulper is equipped with PAPSCREEN – a profiled screen to increase the dissolving effect. The coarse screening capacity will be increased by installing a TurboScreen in the first stage with a slot basket of 0,3 mm.
The TurboScreen concept in the first stage of coarse screening reduces the specific energy consumption. The approach fl ow is designed for 6 vacuum formers and includes a low density cleaning and two stages of Turbo pressure screens. The scope of supply includes pumps, measurement technology and detail engineering.
The plant has a scheduled commission date in December 2020.

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