Fonroche Biogaz will implement two AKUPRESS BX 800 LL-Ls screw press to dewater the digestate

Fonroche Biogaz operates a number of wet digestion biogas plants in France to produce biomethane from the local resources. At the end of 2019, the capacity installed at the entire Fonroche Biogaz fleet amounted to more than 338 GWh/year. This makes the French company the leading producer of biomethane in France.

The latest facility in Loudeac in Brittany went into operation in June 2019. A further unit in Roussillon in the south of France is scheduled to go into operation in spring 2020. Both sites will implement an AKUPRESS BX 800 LL-Ls screw press to dewater the digestate.

Prior to order placement, Fonroche Biogaz performed pilot plant test runs to convince themselves of the efficiency of the Bellmer Kufferath equipment. The key factors that persuaded them into selecting the Bellmer Kufferath screw press were ease of maintenance, the high dry content of the solid product, the reduced filtrate load in the press water, and the low consumption of flocculant.
The scope of supply for Loudeac site consists of a flocculation reactor, the AKUPRESS BX 800 LL-Ls screw press and the conveyor system able to fill two containers fully automatically. It also involves the complete control system, including on-site operation via a touch screen.

According to Hugo Dréan, operations manager at Loudeac, the system runs very satisfactorily twenty-four hours a day. It achieves a dry matter of the solid product exceeding 28 % at a maximum throughput of 600 kg DM/h.

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