Dev Priya Industries invests in two Papermachines in Meerut, India

In February 2020, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Gupta and Mr. Amit Gupta signed a contract with Bellmer for the rebuild of the PM1 and PM2 press sections, which include shoe presses.

PM1 will be equipped with a TurboPress for 1100 kN/m and PM2 with a TurboPress for 1300 kN/m. Both machines produce Liner grades in
the range of 120-280 g/m² and a maximum speed of 500 m/min. The replacement of existing Jumbo presses with shoe presses will ensure not only a higher production and increase the efficiency of both lines, but also lead to higher and more stable quality of the final product.

The scope of supply includes complete press sections with TurboPress shoe presses, framing, guide rolls, and felt conditioning equipment. Bellmer will also supply all the auxiliary systems, which include the hydraulic units, mechanical drives and the automation system.

Bellmer with Dev Priya in Meerut, India
Handshake for two projects between "Dev Priya Industries Pvt. Ltd" and Bellmer GmbH

“Dev Priya Industries Pvt. Ltd.” has a rich, 30-year history with a drive for constant development – as proven with this project. With the leadership of Mr. Amit Gupta the company not only gears up to meet the growing demands of high quality packaging paper, but also strengthens its position as one of the biggest paper and board producers, both in their home state of Uttar Pradesh, but also in India.


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