Proven WinklePress at Schoellershammer

The SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH & Co KG, an independent manufacturer of corrugated board base paper, is a specialist for packaging papers in the international markets.

Nature is close to SCHOELLERSHAMMER’s heart. The mill, located in the city of Düren, consumes significantly less water than the norm for the industry. The biogas generated from their modern waste water treatment plant is used for the production of steam and regenerative electricity. According to the positive results of the on-site tests with the Bellmer mobile pilot test unit, SCHOELLERSHAMMER has chosen Bellmer to dewater their biosludge.

Johannes Küppers of Schoellershammer (l.) and Andreas Genger (r.) of Veolia Wasser Deutschland are satisfied with the figures

The resulting activated sludge with a high lime content is dewatered with a new WinklePress WPI 1 and then disposed.

After a six-month operation of the plant, SCHOELLERSHAMMER and also the operator of the plant, Veolia Wasser Deutschland GmbH, are satisfied with their decision of the WinklePress. The operating experience confirmed the results of the trials.


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