Increased production at Sappi Saiccor with the Bellmer shoe press

Situated 50 km south of the port of Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Sappi Saiccor mill is one of the production facilities for Sappi Dissolving Pulp. Dissolving pulp is sold to converters for the production of a wide range of consumer products. For example, viscose staple fibres used in clothing and textiles. With its two production facilities, Saiccor and Ngodwana, Sappi South Africa is the world’s largest producer of viscose pulp. Sappi Dissolving Pulp is mainly produced from eucalyptus hardwoods. These fast-growing trees are grown in relative proximity to the mills, which contributes to the company’s position as a competitive producer of dissolving pulp.
In order to further improve quality and increase output (increase of dry content), Sappi Saiccor decided to modernise the press section together with Bellmer as part of its Vulindlela rebuild project. The existing high pressure press was replaced by a TurboPress shoe press – a very special TurboPress XL!
The ”XL” module is the most powerful shoe module, capable of handling the highest loads and speeds desired in the industry. The module is equipped with a hydrostatically supported counter roll TURBORoll SZ. The line load is carried by the heavy duty beam and transmitted directly into the housings without engaging a classic roller bearing into the load transmission. The “XL” module can handle all common machine sizes; but typically used for larger machines. The force between the TURBORoll EN and SZ is kept between the housings itself, using a link system, without engaging any press frame.

The TurboPress XL for XL performance!

The TURBORoll SZ is equipped with a slip-on gear box transmitting the entire drive load from the motor to the shoe press module. The TURBORoll EN is equipped with a unique and patented shoe loading and lubrication system, which ensures a proper and uniform loading across the entire width. The most suitable loading curve is chosen for each application.
The system started up smoothly together with the rebuilt framing. Sappi is pleased with the installation and performance of the High Pressure Press.


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