Effective dewatering with Bellmer suction rolls

The main task of the press section is to reduce the water content of the paper web effectively but gently. The various suction rolls are independent dewatering elements for increasing the dry content and the strength of the paper web.
For improved dewatering, so-called suction press rolls are used in many paper and board machines.
A perforated metal shell moves around a fixed suction chamber. A layer of rubber with large number of holes and grooves is applied to the shell. This creates a considerable volume for water extraction.
Suction rolls have become a very essential part of the production at Bellmer Finland. TurboSuctionRoll series covers all paper and board making applications like wire suction rolls, pick-up rolls, press section rolls and transfer rolls. Widths up to 8m as well high nip loads can be guaranteed.

Suction rolls in final assembly


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